Bearded dragon ItalianWhether you’re new to the fabulous world of reptiles or you’re simply looking to add to your brood, knowing where to find a good breeder is essential. Luckily, there are certain characteristics to be aware of that should make a quality reptile breeder stand out from a bad one. Whenever you make a big investment in your future, like adding anew pet to your household, it’s important to pay attention to the person you’re doing business with. But finding a professional reptile breeder and supplier can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the work that goes into successfully breeding healthy reptiles. Keep reading to learn more and check out some of our top breeders.

What Makes a Good Reptile Breeder?

You wouldn’t buy a car from just any roadside dealership, so why would you work with the first reptile breeder that you found in the classifieds? When searching for a high-quality reptile breeder, keep these key factors in mind:


Choosing the right reptile breeder begins with thorough research. Testimonials from previous clients can help you to get a better understanding of how each breeder works with their clients. While it’s common to see both positive and negative reviews, the good should outweigh the bad in this situation. You can also reach out to local herpetology clubs and websites to get more information on trusted breeders near you.


You want to go with a breeder that keeps the lines of communication open with their clients. Try your best to contact the breeders that you’re interested in via their preferred method for business inquiries. If they prove very difficult to interact with, it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere. Chances are that if they are unable to interact with potential buyers, they are less likely to care about what happens after the sale.

Initial Interactions

How do you feel after making your initial inquiry? Did the breeder seem well-informed? Were they interested in doing business with you? Did they ask about your comfort and experience level when it comes to caring for reptiles? During this exciting time, in your life, you’ll want to work with a breeder that is just as excited to help you find the perfect reptile to add to your family.

Animal Quality

Aside from each breeder’s demeanor, the most important factor you should be aware of is the general health and quality of the reptiles they have available. If a breeder is willing to sell a sick animal, they don’t deserve your business. Never reward a breeder that only does the bare minimum for their reptiles and houses them in subpar conditions.


The breeders you work with should be knowledgeable about the reptiles they’re selling and willing to educate their clients whenever possible. They should be able to answer all of your questions, no matter how silly or simple they may seem. If a breeder is unwilling to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the sale, they don’t deserve your business.


A good breeder will offer their clients fair pricing. While certain animals are always going to be more expensive than others, a good breeder will not overcharge based on popularity or your lack of experience. If a breeder seems to be overcharging or inflexible on certain things, it may be better to look around for a second or third option.


You should always go with a breeder that is happy to make themselves available for questions and concerns post-sale. A breeder who is uninterested in establishing an ongoing professional relationship with their clients should be avoided. Look for a breeder that is knowledgeable, open to communication and flexible, to make sure that you and your reptile of choice will have a positive experience from start to finish.

Find Great Breeders and More at the Reptile Super Show!

We’re proud to work with many reputable and dedicated reptile breeders from around the world. Find the perfect breeder and reptiles you’ve been looking for at one of our upcoming events!



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