Next Show Date:

JULY 13-14, 2019
San Diego Concourse/ Civic Center


Worlds Largest Reptile Show and Sale –
Expo Open to the Public!
🐍 Please Leave Your Pets at Home 🐢

July 13-14, 2019
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-5pm
$14 Adult/ $9 Kids  (3-12 yrs old)
Tickets can be purchased at the doors all weekend
 San Diego Concourse/Civic Center
202 C st. (@3rd & Bst.)
San Diego, Ca. 92101
Parking @ Concourse Parkade

Over 100,000 sq.ft. of reptile, amphibians, turtles, supplies, cages, lights, supplements, educational workshops, and more. This HUGE SALE is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Reptile Super Show is a fun and educational environment for the reptile enthusiast in your family. We promote conservation through education and captive breeding. If you love reptiles and are between the ages of 3-99, than you will love the Reptile Super Show & Breeders Expo. Don’t miss it… we look forward to seeing you there!!!

Reptile Super Show 2017

Pictured: Pied Ball Python

Reptile Super Show 2016

Pictured: Reptile Super Show 2016

Reptile Super Show 2017

Pictured: Striped Phantom Bearded Dragon

Reptile Super Show 2017

Pictured: Reptile Super Show 2017

Reptile Super Show 2017

Pictured: Ornate Uromastyx

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