Reptile Super Show
Reptile Super Show
Reptile Super Show
Reptile Super Show
Reptile Super Show
Reptile Super Show

Anaheim, Ca

@Anaheim Convention Center
1950 West St, Anaheim, CA 92802
July 27-28, 2024
10am-6pm Saturday
11am-5pm Sunday

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Los Angeles, Ca

@Pomona Fairplex
1101 W McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768
January 11-12, 2025
10am-6pm Saturday
11am-5pm Sunday

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Los Angeles, Ca

@Pomona Fairplex
1101 W. McKinley Avenue Pomona, Ca, 91768
June 28-29, 2025 @LA Pet Fair
10am-6pm Saturday
11am-5pm Sunday
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Succulent/Plant Super Show

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At the Reptile Super Show, the BEST reptile expo in the US, we’re all about love and passion for reptiles. With access to thousands of reptiles and all of the supplies you need to create a comfortable and healthy home habitat, we make it possible for our visitors to browse almost any reptile-related you can think of!

Each one of our events is a celebration of all things reptile and whether you’re new to the world of herpetoculture or you’re looking to expand your collection—there is something for everyone to enjoy at one of our upcoming events.

With more than 100,000 sq.ft. of space dedicated to reptiles, amphibians, turtles, supplies, educational workshops, lighting, cages and more, you won’t want to miss out when the Reptile Super Show is in town.

The best reptile expo.
Top rated reptile show.

What We Do

At the Reptile Super Show, we’re dedicated to working with reputable breeders and other vendors to bring you access to a wide variety of exotic pets. Our shows not only give you access to your favorite reptiles but also provide a wide variety of educational opportunities, and a chance to check out the latest reptile gear.

At our shows it’s easy to finally find the perfect chameleon to bring home and have the chance to speak with an experienced terrarium vendors who are happy to offer advice on the best foliage to add to their enclosure, all in the same visit. We’re happy to foster a welcoming, informational, and comfortable reptile show where you and your family can have a blast exploring the wonderful world of reptiles.

Our Commitment to Reptiles

We always do our best to work with reptile breeders and other related vendors that you can trust. Education is also a big part of what we do at the Reptile Super Show, and we want our visitors to feel comfortable in knowing that we support captive breeding. If you have a love for these wonderful animals and want to learn more about what makes exotic reptiles so unique, we urge you to visit one of our upcoming events.

Check out the amazing Reptile Super Show.
The one reptile expo you should not miss.

What to Expect at the Reptile Super Show

In addition to education about reptiles, we want to make sure that our visitors are having fun at our reptile show. When you come to one of our local events, you can expect to have access to a wide variety of different reptile and amphibian breeders, who specialize in many popular species like corn snakes, ball pythons, chameleons, frogs, turtles and more. We encourage you to talk to these vendors, asking your burning questions and learning all you can about each of the unique pets that are available.

We will also have a number of vendors & reptile breeders on-site at each event who can help you find the perfect reptile cage or aquarium, tanks of all sizes, supplements, aquarium accessories and foliage, lighting, and much more. Our events are always open to the public, and we welcome visitors of all ages to explore our 100,000+ sq.ft of space!

Get Your Tickets to the Reptile Show Today!

There are few things more exciting than bringing home an exotic snake or lizard from your local reptile expo & show

Interested in learning more about your favorite reptiles and amphibians? You won’t want to miss out on the next stop of the Reptile Super Show. As one of the world’s largest reptile shows and sales, we’re sure to have something everyone in the family can enjoy.

Give us a call for more information on our next big events near you, or simply contact us online today to get tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Our sponsors

Our top sponsors are dedicated to providing the most updated education and resources for private ownership of reptiles!

Helping people and pets since 1977 by creating tools hobbyists need to care for reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, and birds. For 45 years we’ve used first-hand experience with our pets at home and in the office to evolve equipment available in the hobby. We’re  “defining the future of reptile care” with our lighting, food, terrariums, décor, and more.

Timberline is the industry’s leading grower of live pet food, including our proprietary Vita-Bugs® and CalciWorms® products. Using our state-of-the-art growing processes, we provide a complete, innovative and high quality product line of feeder insects and dry goods to our retail, breeder, zoo and hobbyist customers.

Over the years, Exo Terra has become the market leader in reptile products for the natural terrarium. This achievement was made possible because our philosophy of successful, continuous innovation has become a basic underlying commitment, a culture and an attitude.

Ship Your Reptiles is the industry leader in reptile shipping. Founded by reptile breeders and established in 2009, Ship Your Reptiles is used by leading zoos, reptile parks and gardens, retail stores, breeders and hobbyists all over the US. We provide everything needed to successfully ship your reptiles – proper packaging, detailed instructions, expertise and know-how. Safe, secure and affordable…use Ship Your Reptiles and ship with the best!

Over the past 20 years, ARS has become a leader in the manufacture and sale of reptile and rodent enclosures in both the US and abroad.  Innovations at ARS have made it possible for breeders and hobbyists to produce animals more safely and efficiently than ever before.  Many of the everyday items and concepts that are now standard in the reptile industry, e.g., housing tubs with built-in cup holders, were first designed and introduced by ARS.  At ARS, we offer a full line of enclosures to suit all your housing needs from hatchling rack options to large python and boa systems.  ARS racks are available in full steel power-coated systems or in our patented eco-friendly hybrid option that uses recycled plastic in many of its components.  Using recycled plastic and cardboard are part of ARS’s commitment to minimizing waste in the manufacturing process.  To further minimize our footprint, ARS installed a large solar panel array which provides over 80% of the energy used in our facility. ARS has been providing our customers with quality, affordable rack systems in an environmentally responsible manner for over 20 years.  In 2023 we will build on that success, offering the latest concept in enclosures – the EZ Hybrid line.  At ARS the innovation never stops.

Zilla is committed to producing innovative products to build and maintain a healthy reptile habitat. From terrariums to bedding, lighting to décor—Zilla provides all the necessary components for the successful keeping of reptiles and amphibians. Whether you are a beginner or a reptile enthusiast, the Zilla brand offers a variety of products to meet the specific requirements of your pets.

The United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) is a science, education and conservation-based advocacy for the responsible private ownership of, and trade in reptiles and amphibians. We endorse caging standards, sound husbandry, escape prevention protocols, and an integrated approach to vital conservation issues. The health of these animals, public safety and maintaining ecological integrity are our primary concerns.

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