Tortoise Supply

Your name and company name?

Tyler and Sarah Stewart, and we own

What city do you live in?

Las Vegas, NV

What type of reptile do you breed?

Tortoises only, various species, mostly the testudo family (greeks, hermanns, Russians and marginateds).

How long have you been into Reptiles and what got you started?

All my youth I chased lizards in the deserts in Las Vegas. Had chameleons in college and bred them for many years before changing over to a more Las Vegas climate-friendly reptile in the tortoises. 

What is the most interesting fact about your species?

Everything happens slowly, which is a blessing and a curse. It keeps the market from being flooded by people looking for a quick buck. 

How does your family help with your business?

The kids are very involved in the packing and shipping, and daily tortoise chores. Sarah handles the phone calls, Tyler does the emails and website stuff. 

What projects are you working on for the future?

We are always raising up babies for future groups. We have property we are slowly expanding on to house more species in large enclosures. 

What is the most important information you can give a future reptile keeper? 

Be patient and choose species that compliment your living arrangement. Don’t get a large lizard or tortoise without a large space available for it. I spent a lot of years trying to make chameleons work in Las Vegas, but with low humidity here and high temperatures, it was a long term fight to make it work easily. Tortoises are much more workable with my outdoor space and climate. Cricket-eaters require a reliable source of crickets (many people seem to forget this). 


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