Vendor List

Next Show: JANUARY 5-6, 2019 – Pomona Fairplex/ Los Angeles, Ca.

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Alec Feldman Reptiles

Allan’s Aquarium & Pet Center

Amazing Blue Reptiles

Amazing Reptile 4 You

Amazon Reptile Center

Andrew Cocotis

Angel’s Exotic Pets

A Lost Art

Arabesque and More

Augie’s Dragon Room

Bassett’s Cricket Ranch

Ball Life

Balland’s Tortoise Farm

Bearded Gecko Guys

Black Pearl Reptiles

Blazin Boas

Blue Panther Chams

Bold & Bright Geckos

Bone Bettle

Brian Bode Reptiles

Bug Cage Company

C Serpents

California Breeders Union

Cal Chams

Cal King Classifieds

Carp’s Boas & Corn Snakes

Chaotic Exotics

Charm Square Inc.

Craig Trumbower

Chris Sharp

Cliffside Exotics

Cold Blooded Science

Cornel’s World Inc.

Cotton Crustaceans

Creative Pet Supply

Dart Frog Connection

Deans Reptiles and Rodents

Desert Moon Reptiles

DM Exotics

Dragon Herp

Dubi Deli

Elegant Reptile Images

Elephants Etc.

ES Pythons

Extreme Exotics

Fork Tongue Farms

Franks Frogs

Frog Forest

Fumi’s Pet Shop

Fun 4 Family Store

Galapagos Reptile Gear

Gary Kessler

Gecko Daddy

The Gecko Geek


Geckos and More

Gecko ETC.

Georges Plants

Get Hooked

Golden Coast Exotics

Goldenline Crests

Great Basin Serpentarium


HC Premium Reptiles

Heat and Heal


Hidden Forest Art Gallery

Hieroglyphic Geckos

Highlighter Chameleons

Horridum Angeli

Hot Box Incubators

House of Pistachios

House of Retics

Inland Bearded Dragons

Isis Reptiles

Jason Haygood Photography

Jeff Greene Carnivorous Plants

Jeff Lemm Reptilia

Jerry Hartley

JFK Dragons

JH Exotics

JH Pythons

J Kobylka Reptiles

Joe’s Snakes

John Cashman Reptiles

Josh Dovenbarger @ Phantom Dragons

Josh’s Frogs

Jon’s Jungle

JRG Reptiles

Jurassic Pet Supplies

Kanks Geckos

Kammerflage Kreations

Kats Crested Critters

The Knobtail Gecko

KP’s Critters

KS Morphs

Layne Labs

Lick Your Eyeballs

Lil Monsters Reptiles

Lilith’s Garden Reptiles

LLL Reptile

The Lost Art

Marvel Morphs

Michael McKinnon

Middle Earth Reptiles

Millipedes & More

Mikes Pets

Mist King

Mo Bugz

More than Amphibians

MPH Reptiles

My Electric Blues

Natures Beauty

Natures Creations

Number Juan Wood Guy

OC Balls

Omni River

Optimum Reptile

Origami Owl

Paramount Pets

Phantom Dragons

Pet Kingdom (San Diego)

Pine Ridge Exotics

Pokeys Geckos

Porters Pythons

Poston’s Boas

Powley Exotic Reptiles

Predators Reptile Center



Project Reptile

Psychotic Exotics

Quality Geckos

Quality Woodcraft

Racks and Rodents

Rainbow Mealworms

Rainbows “R” Us

The Reef and Reptile Company

Reptile Ave.

Reptile Den

Reptile Factory

Reptile Jim’s

Reptile Mania

Reptile Revolution

Reptiles 2  You


Rising Sun Reptiles

RNP Reptiles

RNR Branches

Roscoe’s Reptiles

Russ Gurley

Samurai Japan Reptiles

SandFire Dragon Ranch

Santan Reptiles


Sensational Pets

SIG International

Snake Morphology

Spring Loaded Cresties

SoCal Herps

SoCal Reptiles

SoCal Scales

SoCal Sea Turtle

Stardust Scales

Sweet Earth Art

Sunland Breeders

Texas Boa Exotics

TGR Rack Systems

The Snake Keeper

Tomahawk Live Trap

Tortoise Supply

TSK Supply

Treacher’s Creatures

Tropical Fish Factory

TS Ball Pythons

Unbelievable Balls

Unhinged Reptiles

Unleashed Reptiles

Water Girl Creations

Waterland Tubs

Welk Resorts

Zerkle Reptiles

Zoo Rang

11 Vendor spots for Pomona remain for January 5-6, 2019 .


Please call Ramy or email if you have any questions. or call Ramy @ 619-504-1739 (7am-10pm 🙂 )

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