Vendor List

3 Little Fishes

Acrylic Reptile Cages

Air Plant Art

AE Herps

Allan’s Aquarium & Pet Center

Arabesque & More

Adam Cole Art

Amazing Blue Reptiles

Amazon Reptile Center

Angel’s Exotic Pets

A Lost Art

Ball Life

Bassett’s Cricket Ranch

Black Pearl Reptiles  

Brian Bode 

The Bug Company 

CN Snakes 

Dart Frog Connection 

Dave Northcott

Deans Reptiles & Rodents

DIY Cages 

DM Exotics

Dragon Strand

Dubi Deli

Extreme Dragons Az. 

Finos Rainforest 

Forktongue Farms

Fruit Fly Farms

Fuzzy Legs

Gamini Ratnavira

Gecko ETC. 

Gecko Daddy

Ghanns Crickets

Good Life Geckos

Golden Coast Reptiles

Golden Valley Reptiles

Great Basin Serpentarium

Guyco Geckos


Inland Bearded Dragons

Isis Reptiles

Jeff Greene Carnivorous Plants

JFK Dragons

JH Pythons

Jims House of Retics

John Cashman Reptiles

Jons Jungle

Josh Dovenbarger @ Phantom Dragons

Jon’s Jungle

Joshs Frogs

JRG Reptiles

Jurassic Pet Supplies

Kapidolo Farms

Kammerflage Kreations

Kanks Geckos

Kodis Crested Geckos

KN Enterprise

KPs Critters

Layne Labs

Leaf Filter


Lick Your Eyeballs

The Lost Art





LiL Monster Reptiles

Madam Mantis

Marvel Morphs

Middle Earth Reptiles

Mike Brizzee

Millipedes and More

Mist King

MPH Reptiles

MJ Reptiles

Mystic Butterflies

Number Juan Wood Guy

On The Ball Python

Origami Owl

Paramount Pets

Phantom Dragons

Pine Ridge Exotics

Pet Kingdom (San Diego)

Porters Pythons

Powley Reptiles

Prehistoric Pets

Project Reptile

Pro Bugs


Psychotic Exotics

Quality Geckos

Quality Woodcraft

Racks & Rodents

Rainbow Mealworms

R&R Branches

Reef & Reptile Company

Reptile Ave.

Reptile Castles

Reptile Factory 

Reptile Jims

Reptile Mania

Reptiles 2 You

Rick McColl Serpents

RNP Reptiles

Robert Bruce Indigo Snakes

Roscoe’s Reptiles

Rude Dogg Reptiles

Scales Reptiles

Sal Daddy Retics

Santan Reptiles

Sensational Pets

Shawn Barnett

Slither Inc.

Snake Morphology

SoCal Reptiles

SoCal Scales

St. Raine Reptiles

Sweet Earth Art

Sunland Breeders

Tony’s Geckos

Top Knotch Exotic Reptiles

Tortoise Supply

TSK Supply

The Snake Keeper

Unbelievable Balls

Unhinged Reptiles


US Fish & Wildlife

Waterland Tubs

Zilla Rules Products

Zoo Med Laboratories 



Next Show: January 4-5, 2020 -Anaheim Convention Center -Anaheim, Ca.

Please call Ramy or email if you have any questions. or call Ramy @ 619-504-1739 (7am-10pm 🙂

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