Next Show: January 7-8, 2017 – Pomona Fairplex/ Los Angeles County Fairgrounds


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3 Little Fishes

Advanced Vivarium

Adventures in Lining Science

Amazing Blue Reptiles

Amazon Reptile Center

Applegate Reptiles

Arabesque and More

Ball Life

Bandit Reptile

Black Pearl Reptiles

Blue Moon Dragons

Bold and Bright Geckos

Chameleon Education & Outreach Inc.

Celebrity Dragons

CR Exotics

Dart Frog Connection

Dean’s Reptiles & Rodents

DIY Cages

DM Exotics

Dragon Strand

Dubi Deli

Elephants ETC.

ES Python

Fork Tongue Farm

Geckos ETC.

Gilded Gecko

GuyCo. Gecko

Inland Bearded Dragons

JM Cages & Reptiles

Jay Sommers Reptiles

Joe’s Snakes

Josh’s Frogs LLC

Kammerflage Kreations

KP’s Critters

Layne Labs

LLL Reptile Company

Living Gem Reptiles

Lugarti Inc.

Mesozoic Reptile

Millipedes and More

Mist King

Mountain Morphs

Optimum Reptile

Phantom Dragons

Pine Ridge Exotics

Pokeys Reptiles

Powley Exotic Reptiles

Premier Dragon

Project Reptile


Racks & Rodents

Rainbow Mealworms

RC Constrictors

Real Natural Gifts

Reptile Emporium  Acrylic Displays

Reef and Reptile Company

Repashy SuperFoods

Reptile Den

Reptile Ave.

Reptile Tubs

RNP Reptile

ROG Reptiles

Robert Bruce Indigo Snakes

Roscoes Reptiles

Rose Exotic Reptiles

Sandfire Dragon Ranch

SC Reptile

Scott Austin Reptile

Sensational Pets

The Snake Keeper

SoCal Constrictors

SoCal Reptiles

Spideys Reptiles

Star Python

Steve Angeli Reptiles

Sunland Breeders

Superior Balls & Dragons

Sweet Earth Art

Tony’s Geckos

Tortoise Supply

Trinity Exotics



Unleashed Exotics

Waterland Tubs







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